Power up your life with damn!escape: Energetic kickass rock that makes every adrenaline injection unnecessary.

No matter how down you are – damn!escape give you the necessary portion of rock to look ahead and move forward! Spiked with thundering drums and screaming guitar solos, their songs clearly focus on energy and a powerful live show.

With their single ‚‚Winner‘‘, released in February, damn!escape could already convince all along the line and further consolidate their name in the rock underground scene.

‚‚A driving groove. A catchy chorus with stadium suitability. An adrenaline pumping song that is addictive. Short, crisp, forceful, guitar-heavy. ‚‚Winner‘‘ has all the trademarks to burn itself into the ear canals of all hard rock fans. Rating: Successful!‘‘
-Sound of Rock Radio-

The band addresses the ‚‚Fuck-Off-Let’s-Party‘‘ mentality in their songs. Don’t put up with everything, resist sometimes but above all have a good time and recharge your batteries – that’s what damn!escape is all about. Even in songs about disappointment and heartbreak, damn!escape spread confidence, optimism, love and a sense of community.

Or to put it in the words of the german radio station RockAntenne Hamburg:

‚‚For a good portion of ass-kicking classic rock, you don’t have to travel all the way back to the eighties: damn!escape […] put us straight into smoky biker bars.‘‘

Whether on stage, out of the box or on social media, the guys of damn!escape stand for the epic energy exchange between band and audience and value closeness and humour in our sometimes very distant world. 

damn!escape are putting the adrenaline back in and announce their debut album ‚‚Devil’s Friend‘‘ for 2022 – a must-hear for every fan of handmade rock music that gives everyone the kick in the ass they need to break the chains of everyday life and express the joy of life.

After the successful first single ‚‚Winner‘‘, which could register 10,000 views on YouTube within a few days, the single ‚‚Watch Me Rise‘‘ will be released on 22.04.2022 as the second adrenaline dose of the debut album. With ‚‚Watch Me Rise‘‘ the band wants to strengthen the self-confidence of each listener and give them the courage to emerge from any difficult situation and escape from the clutches of oppression!

Especially for fans of ‚‚Santa Cruz‘‘, ‚‚Disturbed‘‘ and ‚‚Shinedown‘‘ this song is an absolute must!

With the new album, damn!escape want to build on their successful gigs at the Kieler Woche, at the sold-out Indra on the Reeperbahn or at the Salon Hansen in Lüneburg.

‚‚You have to see DAMN!ESCAPE live! The vibe, the intention of the band, the feel of the songs – it all reflects live moments you want to experience with them.‘‘ 
– Rockaholic Magazine – 

Get your daily adrenaline fix – listen to damn!escape!